Psychotherapy Office of Eufe de la Torre, LMFT
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Hollywood Office Location:
439 Larchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90004

West LA Office Location:
11340 Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90064


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When we discover behaviors in our lives that are no longer working . . .
when we find that our work, family, and friendships are unsatisfying . . .
when our love relationships are not working out the way we would like . . .
we look for ways to change.

Psychotherapy is a process that focuses on growth and change. Talking about our issues and accessing and understanding our feelings makes it possible to become more aware of the source of our problems. This awareness allows us to make the most out of the options we have in our lives.

The psychotherapy process is about finding ways to deal more effectively with feelings, behaviors, relationships, and life's issues.

Specializing in:
•    Couples Therapy
•    Relationship Issues
•    Individual counseling
•    Performing and Creative Artists
•    Adoption
•    Sexuality and Identity Issues
•    Depression and Low Confidence
•    Anxiety and Stress
•    Work Related Issues
•    Loss and Bereavement
•    Trauma
•    Adjustment disorders
•    Addiction
•    Bilingual Spanish
University of San Diego - Master of Arts,
      Marriage and  Family Therapy

Boston College - BA in Psychology

Since 1992
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